Mounting an ISO to your server can be useful for OS re-installations, or mounting a live-CD for troubleshooting issues. To mount an ISO:

  1. Connect to the Intergrid IPMI VPN. 
  2. Login to IPMI and launch the KVM console.
  3. Select the Virtual Media dropdown menu from the toolbar and select “Virtual Storage”.
  4. Under Device 1 Tab, Choose “ISO File” from the drop down menu under “Logical Drive Type”.
  5. Click on “Open Image” and select the Operating System ISO file.
  6. Click “Plug in” button and press OK.
  7. Confirm that the ISO has been correctly mounted by looking in the Connection Status History pane.
  8. Then go to the “Power Control” tab and Select “Set Power Reset” to reboot the server.
  9. Your server should now reboot into the ISO that was mounted.



If the system does not boot into the ISO, you may need to select the boot media manually: 

  1. Press F11 when prompted during system boot to invoke the Boot Menu.
  2. Select “ATEN Virtual CDROM” to boot through the Virtual Media. The system will reboot into the mounted ISO.